For Safe
Wireless Future

We innovate with a primary focus on contributing to formation of a user safety-centric 5G/xG ecosystem, addressing the needs of the wireless industry for compliance testing and certification of new products with respect to the user and environmental safety.

We are happy to introduce you the ePhantom technology,
developed at eWAVES team of IETR (URM CNRS 6164) and
recognized by the international standardization commission IEC TC106 as one of the top 3 most promising technologies for APD compliance testing in the mmWave bands allocated for 5G and future 6G/xG wireless networks

ePhantom technology

A breakthrough innovation from IETR/CNRS that overcomes the fundamental limitations of existing compliance testing methods, paving the way for substantial innovation and improved user safety in the realm of future 5G/xG mmWave wireless technologies.

  • Innovative solution for APD/OTA testing
  • mmWave 5G/6G/xG compatible
  • Patented in US/EU/CN
  • Compliant with ICNIRP-2020
  • Recognized by IEC/IEEE

ePhantom Technology

The enabling technology for rapid characterization and performance optimization of 5G/xG wireless devices operating in the vicinity of the human body.

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Equivalent human models

Unique multi-purpose reflectivity-based equivalent human models, reproducing electromagnetic response of the human body on wireless devices and vice-versa.

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Compliance testing system

The 1st dual-purpose IR/AI-based system for ultra-fast APD/OTA compliance testing of 5G/xG mmWave wireless devices in the proximity of the human body.

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Our ambition

Committed to fulfilling the needs of the 5G/xG ecosystem

Our technology and associated systems are tailored to meet the distinct needs of the 5G/xG market stakeholders

Who can benefits

  • 5G/6G/xG original equipment manufacturers
  • APD/SAR and OTA equipment manufacturers
  • Government agencies & Market regulators
  • Telecom operators
  • R&D and compliance test labs
  • All end-users of 5G/6G/xG devices

Who We Are

Inventors & founders

Bringing together diverse technical backgrounds from academia and industry, we’re dedicated to addressing
5G/xG market needs with fast product development tools, while addressing global concerns about future technology’s impact on user health and the environment.

We’ve collaborated with our academic and industrial partners on development of the ePhantom technology since 2014, in preparation
for the emergence of the next-generation wireless technologies,
including today’s 5G-advanced and the future 6G/xG mmWave.

Meet Our Team

Our core Team

A dedicated and creative team, with over a decade of successful collaborative experience and a track record of achievements in the field of bioelectromagnetics and future wireless technologies.


PhD, Expert in 5G and Research & Innovation

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PhD, Expert in BioEM

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Massinissa ZIANE

PhD, Expert in EM dosimetry

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